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[Preliminary titled] The Ancient World Goes Digital, CyberResearch vol.2

Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Alessandro di Ludovico, and Sveta Matskevich (eds.), in collaboration with Randall W. Younker. Forthcoming late 2021.

Manuscript in preparation


The content of this second volume builds on the investigations and critical evaluations into digital practices outlined in the first volume CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions, including biblical-related content.

Increasing numbers of researchers of the ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean have begun to engage with digital tools, both as a new standard methodology and in the sphere of experimental research. This shift in paradigms has however yet to fully manifest in the publication histories or our respective disciplines, with the majority of existing work focusing on the summary and representation of results, rather than a critical evaluation of applied processes. As ever-greater numbers of researchers adopt digital tools, the need for reproducible, variable, and repeatable workflows, accessible and accessed by beginners and interdisciplinary scholars alongside interdisciplinary experts, increases. Where the first volume of the series discussed the most recent of digital research projects, this volume provides a unique critical evaluation of workflows so that scholars can learn method as well as fact.