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CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions. Case Studies on Archaeological Data, Objects, Texts, and Digital Archiving

Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Amy Rebecca Gansell, Alessandro di Ludovico (eds.). Brill, Digital Bible Studies 2. 2018, 460 + XXVIII.

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CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions provides case studies on archaeology, objects, cuneiform texts, and online publishing, digital archiving, and preservation. Eleven chapters present a rich array of material, spanning the fifth through the first millennium bce, from Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Iran. Customized cyber- and general glossaries support readers who lack either a technical background or familiarity with the ancient cultures. Edited by Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Amy Rebecca Gansell, and Alessandro di Ludovico, this volume is dedicated to broadening the understanding and accessibility of digital humanities tools, methodologies, and results to Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Ultimately, this book provides a model for introducing cyber-studies to the mainstream of humanities research.

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Table of contents

Part 1: Archaeology

Part 2: Objects

Part 3: Texts

Part 4: Online Publishing, Digital Archiving, and Preservation


This volume will interest scholars and students of the ancient Near East as well as digital humanities researchers across disciplines.


We would like to thank Claire Clivaz and David Hamidović, our series (Digital Biblical Studies) editors at Brill, for their support and assistance preparing this volume for Open Access. We would also like to thank Claire Clivaz, David Hamidović once again, and Brill Publishers for supporting this volume through the nomination and selection process for Knowledge Unlatched. Finally, we are grateful to Knowledge Unlatched for taking interest in and ultimately selecting this volume for the honor of Open Access, which we hope will benefit researchers and students worldwide. For more information about Knowledge Unlatched, see

On Open access

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