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The Use of Violence in the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions: Case Studies on Texts, Images and Archaeology

Vanessa Bigot Juloux and Leann Pace (eds.). Forthcoming 2019.

Manuscript in preparation


This volume examines the topic of violence in the world of the ancient Near East (ANE) and surrounding area, a region that in modernity conjures violent images for many around the world. It showcases papers presented at the 2017 annual meetings of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), with a few additional essays. The contributions to this volume which focus on a variety of sub-regions and time periods and engage with evidence drawn from archaeology, art history, and textual studies will be of interest to scholars of the ANE but the strong and current use of anthropological theories of violence will make them appealing to scholars and students from other disciplines. In addition, we would like to market the proposed volume as a course resource for professors and teachers in ancient Near East and comparative studies to be used in same manner as anthropological publications. As a resource to all readers, and especially to support the pedagogical uses of this volume, we include a glossary of key terms, clearly defined for the non-specialist and university student. It represents an important step toward bringing scholarship considering violence in the ancient Mediterranean world into step with theories of violence current in other related disciplines.